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Our Products


We created, implemented and commercialized this Yocto BSP (Board Support Package) to provide support for open-source AI libraries on ARM Processors utilized in Embedded Systems. Additionally, we have included an AI Demo layer that incorporates image recognition demos for various AI libraries and models. This BSP enables the creation of a comprehensive image and video processing system, facilitating object recognition and detection through the utilization of AI libraries. In addition, we have developed a benchmarking layer that allows for the evaluation of CPU performance (multi-core loading balance) and memory usage. This layer utilizes over 50 pre-trained models along with their associated inference engine to provide comprehensive measurements and analysis.

The BSP has been successfully deployed on Renesas RZG platforms, as well as derived chip versions.

Our Services

  • Embedded AI Solution: We provide embedded AI solutions, leveraging advanced algorithms and techniques to enable AI capabilities directly on embedded systems. 

  • Linux Kernel Customization, Optimization, and Porting: We specialize in tailoring, optimizing, and seamlessly adapting the Linux kernel to suit new hardware configurations, ensuring efficient performance and compatibility.

  • Linux Device Driver Development: Our expertise includes the development of robust and reliable device drivers for Linux, enabling seamless integration and proper functionality of various hardware components.

  • Yocto Package Development and Full Project Integration: We excel in creating custom Yocto packages, facilitating the seamless integration of software components into the project, and ensuring a comprehensive and well-managed development environment.

  • Gstreamer Plugin Design and Implementation: Our team is skilled in designing and implementing Gstreamer plugins, empowering multimedia applications with enhanced capabilities and seamless multimedia processing.

  • Debugging Services for Embedded Systems: We provide proficient debugging services for Linux kernel, device drivers, and user space applications in embedded systems, ensuring stability, reliability, and effective troubleshooting in complex environments.

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